Pyuupiru knitting [read more]

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Shinji Turner-Yamamoto and 400 million-year-old fossils [read more]

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1960s Issey Miyake shot by Shinoyama [read more]

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Jaques Derrida on Kishin Shinoyama’s Light in the Dark [read more]

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New, by Ryue Nishizawa [read more]

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Picture 6

Rika Noguchi visualising the invisible [read more]

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A new exhibition from Naoya Hatakeyama [read more]

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Tonight! The last Big In Japan event for 2011 [read more]

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Picture 28

Sous rature by Tetsushi Higashino [read more]

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Picture 18

New Tetsushi Higashino work at Big In Japan 2011 [read more]

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Video work by OVAR at Big In Japan 2011 [read more]

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The third annual Big In Japan event takes place in Sydney and Melbourne mid-November [read more]

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Designing The Face of Another [read more]

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Not the objects but the distances between them [read more]

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“Construction in its full sense is always destruction as well” [read more]

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Arata Isozaki ruining the Japan Pavilion at the 1996 Venice Architecture Biennale [read more]

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Forcing the past upon the future [read more]

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One half of Afrirampo forms monmontonight [read more]

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Picture 13

Comme des Garçons SS2012 [read more]

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Shipping container housing for 188 displaced families in post-disaster Onagawa [read more]

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An exhibition curated by Hiroshi Sugimoto for the 2011 Yokohama Triennale [read more]

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Kato Tsubasa pulling us together [read more]

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Arata Isozaki and Anish Kapoor collaborate on an inflatable and transportable concert hall for Tōhoku [read more]

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Issey Miyake images by Irving Penn [read more]

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Picture 5

Balls of cassette by Lyota Yagi [read more]

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The Gutai Group and Saburo Murakami’s breakthrough [read more]

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A platform for mountain living [read more]

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New ‘built up objects’ by Tappei Kaneuji [read more]

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Fragments of the Comme des Garçons magazine [read more]

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Shimabuku’s mute objects of expression [read more]

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Botanical sculpture by rock-star-turned-haute-couture florist Azuma Makoto [read more]

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asuka katagiri sun

Yellow giants, brown dwarfs, stellar black holes, supernovae, other stuff like that [read more]

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