Pyuupiru knitting [read more]

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1960s Issey Miyake shot by Shinoyama [read more]

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Picture 13

Comme des Garçons SS2012 [read more]

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Issey Miyake images by Irving Penn [read more]

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Fragments of the Comme des Garçons magazine [read more]

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Paper dresses by Tao Kurihara [read more]

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Cindy Sherman for Comme des Garçons [read more]

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Né-net in the ring [read more]

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The round abounds in Cosmic Wonder Light Source [read more]

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Print campaigns by CDG [read more]

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Techno-origami and the hypothetical fifth dimension in Issey Miyake’s ambitious new line [read more]

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Blow in Ohya [read more]

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theatre products

The latest theatricality and productivity from Theatre Products [read more]

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An outdoors exercise in retribution by Yoshikazu Yamagata of fashion label writtenafterwards [read more]

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Introverted pearls and heteromorphic footwear [read more]

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Picture 2

Fur Fur makes fashion out of upholstery, spots, Snoopy, shadows and beauty pageant queens [read more]

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Colour was not invited and gaffer tape was the guest of honour at the Comme des Garçons show in Paris yesterday [read more]

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Junya Watanabe

Techno-couturier Junya Watanabe and The Future [read more]

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Proportion running amuck in wideshortslimlong [read more]

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1lumps and bumps cunningham

John Waters all over Comme des Garçons [read more]

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issey miyake c

Basic geometry with Issey Miyake [read more]

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Besides writhing around in spew of rainbow this messy man also does drawings. Lovely ones. [read more]

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Fashion as theatre and Japan’s oldest department store [read more]

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collection #3 2007 'prince prince prince'

Yoshikazu Yamagata on fashion as communication [read more]

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Spoken Words Project unveiling the 2010 AW collection [read more]

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Masks by Yoshikazu Yamagata of writtenafterwards photographed by Hedi Slimane for Dazed & Confused Japan [read more]

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Lica and Naka of the fashion labels 20471120, Tokyo Recycle Projet and Zechia on how fashion can change the world  [read more]

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written afterwards jfw 2009

There are those who would say ‘The Fashion Show of The Gods’ might be an ambitious thing to call your own fashion show – but the smoke, Nico Muhly soundtrack and senior men in volumes of white fabric and hair had us all convinced last night at writtenafterwards [read more]

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Picture 10

With their mind-boggling tailoring and cute cute cuteness, designer Eri Utsugi’s clothes are surprisingly laidback and wearable when they’re off the runway (basketball-sized fur mittens optional of course) [read more]

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Nagi Noda’s death on September 7 2008 robbed the world of an unbridled imagination that fed on surrealist pop and hilarious, super-kawaii fantasy. Lest we forget. Not that we could even if we wanted to: everything she touched became infused with her idiosyncratic, candy-coloured exuberance, leaving a vivid impression on all who were exposed to her work.

A film director, graphic designer, toy maker, art director and fashion designer, Nagi was born in Tokyo and spent 5 years in New York before returning to Japan in ‘87. She worked as a multi-disciplinary new media artist for various projects and exhibitions; created ad campaigns for clients including the La Foret department store in Harajuku, Nike and Coca Cola; started a fashion label with artist Mark Ryden, and made countless music videos for the likes of Cut/Copy, Scissor Sisters and Japanese pop star Yuki [read more]

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Picture 17

So we haven’t done a rap about our love for Rei Kawakobu but that doesn’t mean there’s not an abundance of love (and rapping skills) here. Not only has she revoutionised fashion with her eccentric and uncompromising vision, she’s nurtured a whole new generation of designers under her mummy wings. Another Kawakobu protégé, Nozomi Ishiguro worked as a design assistant for Junya Watanabe at Comme des Garçons for 12 years before forming his own label in 1998. The simple philosophy behind Nozomi Ishiguro Haute Couture is “there is no such thing as going too far” and his designs are always reaching new heights of vivid exuberance and hilarity. Do I feel a rap coming on? [read more]

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Risa Nakazawa works as an artist coordinator and marketing manager for GAS Japan. As a company, GAS does so many things that we feel slightly dizzy writing them down. Through the GASBOOKS publishing arm, CALM & PUNK GALLERY and 20,000,000 fragments (20MF) fashion label, GAS provides a platform for artists all over the world to showcase their work to a wider audience. Recently, GAS also started workshops that connect kids with artists to hopefully “make world little bit happier with the creative mind-set”. Risa took time out to chat briefly with us about the latest GAS projects [read more]

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